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BORED AFTER RETIREMENT IN MEXICO? NO! How Did We Ever Have Time for a Job?

A Day in the Lives of Jon and Terry in México

     We are frequently asked, “Do you get bored living in México? What do you do all day?” It was time to try to describe why we have not experienced one day of boredom in the three years since we moved here. “A day in the lives of Jon and Terry”, after retiring in México, is anything but boring.   
View During Our Yoga Class at Don Pedro's Palapa
     I decided to track one of our typical days with photos. When I looked at the thirty-six photos and three videos I took throughout our day, I wondered how we ever had time to hold down full-time jobs!
     Our plan was to start the day with a 9:30 yoga class at Don Pedro’s palapa. What a view we would enjoy from the palapa overlooking the ocean and our village, Sayulita! Well, okay, we do have to take care of some everyday tasks on our way out the door, the typical morning routines… put the
garrafón on the porch so the water man will deliver a full bottle,

shoo the chickens out of my front garden,

sweep up the leaves from our porch and street in front of our house… you know, México chores.
     Why is life in México so much more enjoyable than before we quit our jobs and moved here? The answer is, when we worked 8 to 12 hours a day, five or six days a week, that left very little time to cram in our personal appointments, exercise, and leisure activities. After retirement, there’s no more cramming appointments into lunch breaks, evenings, and weekends. After moving to México, the need for money drops to about half that required while living in the U.S., so early retirement works. Life becomes fun!
Yoga Class with Jim Gallas at Don Pedro's Palapa

     Exercise for the day? Walk to yoga class. Not only did we get a mile round-trip walk to the beautiful Don Pedro palapa, overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean, we enjoyed a wonderful hour-and-a-half yoga class with Jim Gallas.
Walking Home from Yoga through Villa Amor's Pretty Property
Cleaning the Trash Out of Our Recycle Bins on the Way Home

     Walking home from yoga through Villa Amor's pretty waterfront property was relaxing and enjoyable. Cleaning the trash out of our eight sponsored recycle bins on the way home completed our volunteer work for the day. 
Orgasmic Peanut Butter & Smucker's Jam on Toast for Lunch

     Time for a quick lunch at home before our 1:00 appointment. I fixed Orgasmic peanut butter, made locally, and Smucker's jam on toast with apple slices for our healthy lunch, then we took a one-mile walk through centro to the other end of town.
We Walked Past Calle Delfines in Downtown Sayulita
and Past the Sayulita Plaza, Quiet This Afternoon
     Personal appointment for the week? We needed haircuts. Jon called for an appointment at El Corte salon the day before, and then we walked to town for haircuts this afternoon. I was even able to work in a pedicure while Jon got his hair cut by Marta. We had a two-hour leisurely salon visit, reading our Kindles while relaxing. 
El Corte Salon is Easy to Recognize and Well Known
Marta Cuts Jon's Hair While I Enjoy My Pedicure
A Stop at Rodolfo's Market for Groceries on Our Walk Home
I Get a Little Time for Writing While Jon Reads
A Walk Down the Beach to Coco's Beach Club for Dinner
I Caught a Short Video of the Surfers

Margaritas and Fish and Chips at Cocos While Watching the Surfers
A Walk Past the Elementary School, Admiring Their Art
To the Secret Garden for a Live Theater Sayulita Play
     After the play, we stopped at the Cake Lady’s table in the plaza to buy a slice of chocolate cake to share for breakfast. I bought two bananas at Mi SuperTiendita to make breakfast a balanced meal. By the time we walked home, my Fitbit reported that I had over 13,700 steps for the day, about six miles. We didn’t get our dishes washed or our laundry put away, but there’s always mañana.
     That was just one typical day in our lives. Other days will include Zumba classes, a Recycle Center work party, an Elementary School dance performance, beach cleanup work parties, baby turtle releases on the beach, the ProSayulita Fiesta, surf competitions to watch, Stand Up Paddleboarding and boogie boarding, local fund-raisers, and more. There’s lots more time for fun, living in México!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I'm Bella, a Long-Haired, Miniature Dachshund, and I LOVE Living in Mexico!

Sand, Surf, and Sunshine

I LOVE Digging for Crabs on the Beach!
     My name is Bella. I'm a chocolate and cream-colored, long-haired, miniature dachshund. I’ve traveled in México with my people since 2011. I’ve lived in México for almost three years and I love it. Before that, I lived at the beach in Ecuador for a while when I was a pup and I liked it, but I enjoy México even more, especially since I have a house with a yard now. There are so many things to do here and I am very busy.
It's Fun When My Dad, Jon, Helps Me Dig
My Mom, Terry, Throws the Ball for Me
The Weather is So Good, We Play Ball a Lot
     When I’m not playing on the beach or taking walks with my people, I have a lot of responsibility at home. I will tell you about some of my jobs at home. 
Birds Like Juan the Guan Sit On Our Wall
I Have to Bark at Them to Make Them Leave

In Rainy Times Land Crabs Show Up in Our Yard!

I Have to Point to the Crab and Bark...

Until Dad Catches It and Carries It to the Jungle

Lots of Chickens and Dogs Live on Our Street

So I Spend Hours Listening & Guarding the Gates

     I'm lucky that dogs are allowed to bark in México. Barking is part of my job, to protect my people. Yes, I work hard in the yard, but I also take time to relax in the sunshine and play with friends. 
When I Sunbathe, I Put My Babies in the Sun Next to Me

I Like to Play with Other Dogs When We Visit Friends

One of My Favorite Things is to Ride in the Golf Cart

When We Drive Through Town, I get to Look at All the Tourists

     One of my favorite things to do is to ride in the golf cart. I get to sit in the front seat right between Mom and Dad. When we drive through town, I get to look at all the tourists. They look at me with my ears flying back and smile because they think I’m cute. I know I am. Sometimes when we are stopped at the lavandería to pick up my people’s clothes, someone will want to pet me because I have soft hair. If they are mellow, I let them. Then when they start to leave, I loudly tell them to come back and pet me some more. I don’t know why that always makes people laugh. 
I Tell Mom & Dad When They Take Too Long to Give Me a Treat!

     I talk a lot and some people don't seem to understand me. But, Mom and Dad always understand my words. I tell Mom and Dad when they take too long to give me a treat! They listen, too, but sometimes laugh at me and Mom says, “you wait. Dad’s not ready, yet.” So, I squirm a little, but wait patiently in my perfect “down” pose until Mom gives me a treat. Then, they leave through the gate and I think, oh good, they’re going to dinner. Now I’m in charge here and can bark whenever I need to.
I Like to Sit On Dad's Lap in the Motorhome
     Sometimes we take motorhome trips and I go along for the ride, tolerating the long, boring drives that my people seem to love because we do it several times a year, traveling around Mexico and to the United States to see my people’s Mom and children and grandchildren. I like to sit on Mom or Dad's lap, when they aren't at the wheel, because I get lots of pets.
Our RV trip to the Yucatán & Other Places in México was Fun

     I have also traveled between the U.S. and México on an airplane. I am famous on the internet for a photo of me waiting patiently in my pet carrier. My Mom wrote an article about flying into Puerto Vallarta with me. 
I am Famous on the Internet for This Photo

     I guess I caused a lot of trouble because we had to stay in the airport for two hours, waiting for a vet to come and look at me and give me a pill. Some new law in México, not anything I did wrong. But I sure wasn’t happy with all the fuss, and I told the inspector so. He didn’t seem to like me voicing my opinion, but someone needed to. My Mom explained it all in her article, “Bringing Your Pet into Mexico: New 2017 Laws are BeingEnforced!”.
     I love traveling in my carrier on the buses because it means we are going on an adventure. I’m so quiet when we do that, so my Mom and Dad will be happy with me. The bus drivers in México don’t mind if I travel on the bus with my people.
I'm Happy to Be Home in Sayulita!
     I like traveling just fine. But, I’m always so happy to get back home to Sayulita, México. The warm, sandy beaches and my cozy home and yard are my favorite places.
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"Terry L. Turrell, Author"
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

RHYTHMS OF THE NIGHT IN PUERTO VALLARTA--Our 25th Anniversary Celebration

A Weekend Getaway

Jon and Terry Entering Rhythms of the Night
     One advantage of living in Sayulita, less than an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, is that we can travel a short distance from our small-village life for a great selection of big city adventures. Our 25th Anniversary was a perfect opportunity to spend a long weekend celebrating in Puerto Vallarta. 
     We decided to splurge on Rhythms of the Night, a dinner and show put on by Vallarta Adventures. I had heard many positive comments about this tourist activity, beginning with a boat trip to the romantic, private beach called Playa Las Caletas. Jon doesn’t usually go for tours and touristy shows, but being the accommodating husband that he is, he agreed to book the trip. 
The Puerto Vallarta Trailer Park
     Our motorhome comes in handy for getaways like this one, so we’re always glad we have it stored in the area. No hotel rooms for us—we carry our suitcase, our bathroom, our bedroom, our kitchen, and Bella, our doxy, with us wherever we go. The Puerto Vallarta Trailer Park was our home away from home, a tropical garden setting, a quiet oasis away from the city traffic noises, yet only two blocks from the bus stop. We could catch a short, inexpensive bus to the Romantic Zone for night life or the marina for the Rhythms of the Night event.    
Kelly's Pour Favor Saloon & Cookhouse
     We started our celebration Thursday evening at Kelly’s Pour Favor Saloon and Cookhouse in the Romantic Zone. The Gecko Band was playing rock ‘n’ roll and the house was packed. We managed to belly up to the bar and eventually secured stools. The music was great, including two harmonica players who took turns playing with the band. Singalongs included a loud and rowdy version of “Living Next Door to Alice”. Jon’s fried chicken dinner and my sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo were perfect saloon meals.
Jon and Terry Posing with a Macaw
    Friday afternoon, the dark clouds rolled in, and we wondered if we would get rained on at the Rhythms of the Night show. We packed jackets and rain ponchos in a backpack to be safe, but by the time we checked in for our sunset cruise to Las Caletas, the sky had cleared. While waiting to board our boat, we settled in at a tiki bar for our first celebration margarita. That’s when an animal conservation group introduced us to their Macaw, let him sit our shoulders for photos, and had him kiss our cheeks for more photos. Naturally, we had to purchase all of the photos as memories of this once in a lifetime anniversary celebration. 
Disembarking and Entering the Tropical Jungle

     The hour-long sunset cruise was enjoyable with an open bar and entertainment by the crew members. We didn’t see any whales that afternoon, but the view of the Puerto Vallarta shoreline past Mismaloya to Las Caletas was beautiful. After disembarking at the dock, we followed the lighted path into the tropical jungle to the restaurant. Here, the pre-dinner show began.
An Actress Portrays People from Ancient Times

     Over 3000 candles and many torches lit the paths and seating areas, creating a glowing, romantic atmosphere. Along the way, we were constantly presented with beauty and entertainment, from waterfalls to costumed actors portraying people from ancient times and beings from the spirit world. I especially enjoyed the trio of musicians, one of which played a crisp tune by tapping a stick against a row of hanging wine and liquor bottles filled with different levels of liquid.     
Musicians, One Playing Wine Bottles

Caleta, A Romantic Setting with Over 3000 Candles

     We dined at a prime table on the upper terrace overlooking the clear blue ocean and two floating docks complete with palm trees, hammocks, lounge chairs, and shade umbrellas. As our attentive waiter served us margaritas, the sunset colors softened, mixing coral pink clouds with the clear blue sky, all reflected on the ocean below, adding to the romance of the evening. We couldn’t have asked for more from the dinner experience.
Sunset View From Our Dinner Table

     From the restaurant, we followed another candle-lit path through the palm forest to the outdoor theater where a skit was already underway on the stage, entertaining those seated and waiting for the show to begin. The backdrop was an actual pyramid, towering high above the stage. The lighting projected on the pyramid changed with each act, altering the setting from a waterfall to a Mayan temple and various other colorful structures.
Skeletons Performing Acrobatics

     We were very impressed with the quality of acts and music—even Jon was glad we had experienced this show called Savia. As described on the Rhythms of the Night website, “Powerful images, original music, dance and acrobatic performances surround you in this magical environment. Let your imagination soar with Savia: The Legend of the 5 Suns.” Jon and I agreed that the show was magical. I have included a brief video below to tempt you to take in this spectacular show. We were told that the show changes periodically, so we plan to attend it again sometime in the future, hopefully taking our children and grandchildren to see it.
     Saturday night was our last evening to go out on the town in Puerto Vallarta. We decided to ride the bus to the Romantic Zone and then walk to the beach. Our goal was to find a restaurant that wasn’t too fancy (no white tablecloths for us), but still had tables set on the sand and a menu of good food and wine at a reasonable price. We were hoping to get to view one of Puerto Vallarta’s famous sunsets that night, and we weren’t disappointed. 
Sunset from Langostinos in Puerto Vallarta

     Langostinos Restaurant & Bar, on the beach near the Muelle de Playa Los Muertos, was a wonderful choice for the food, service, people watching, and amazing sunset. While seafood was our original thought, we ended up ordering the Chateaubriand steak, a tender, juicy, flavorful tenderloin prepared perfectly. It was large enough for us to share and take how a portion for lunch the next day. As we sipped our wine and relaxed, the brilliant fire-orange and blue sunset was the perfect conclusion to our memorable 25th Anniversary weekend.

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